I’ve come to the realization that I’m just not ready to tackle a WordPress blog.

I wanted to move away from Tumblr and expand my blog and I thought WordPress was the answer. However, I just don’t have the time/inspiration/motivation to keep up with a bigger blog. Tumblrs format and shorter post style just works for me right now.

I know this was short lived. I just bit off a bit more than I am ready to chew. Perhaps someday I will be back.

For now, you can find me at I do hope you stop over and visit!

(This is directed to my one or two readers that aren’t already following me on Tumblr, ha ha.)

Blog Direction

After a 4.9 mile run on the Ocean City Boardwalk, I’m enjoying my Saturday morning at the shore by drinking some tea and catching up on some blog reading – I think that’s the lowest my Google Reader has been in a while.

I’m a bit unsure of where I want to go with this little blog of mine. I know that I am blogging for me and I can post about whatever my little heart desires, but I’m the girl with a plan and direction and this blog needs that. I need a “schtick” if you will. I’ve been doing some serious brain storming and have come up with…nothing.

Hopefully it will come to me.

This somewhat ties into a small post I did last night on my Tumblr regarding fear and the point I am at in my life.

I’m standing at a cross roads.

In so many areas of my life. I’m not quite sure what I want. My goals are vague and it’s showing in my lack of drive and motivation.

This does not exclusively pertain to health and fitness, though this area of my life has taken a hard hit. No, this pertains to my career, my hobbies, my relationships. My life.

I’m having a hard time finding myself. At 25 years old, you’d think I’d have figured it out by now. I haven’t.

I’m afraid that the degree I’ve spent almost 7 years obtaining isn’t what I want to spend the rest of my life doing

I’m afraid I’ll never actually figure out what I want to do.

I’m afraid of maintaining my weight loss. I’ve been losing weight for so long that I don’t know anything else.

I’m afraid I’ll gain it all back.

I’m still a bit afraid of food (as much as it pains me to admit this) and I am so ready to move on from that fear and learn to enjoy it. But I don’t know how.

I love blogging and would love to do something more with it, but I don’t know what.

I need to sit down and do some real soul-searching. Figure out what it is I am truly passionate about and pursue it.

But what if I can’t figure it out?

I know fear is a good thing. Without fear we would never push outside our comfort zone. We wouldn’t know how it felt to accomplish something you never thought you were capable of. You would be complacent with just being comfortable.

But right now this fear is very overwhelming, and I’m not sure what to do with it.

So that is where I am at.

(Sorry for the slightly depressing post – but this is the real deal. I’m sure I will figure it all out. Besides all that, I’m happy to have come this far in my journey and am very happy to be at the shore this weekend spending time with my fiance and future in-laws!)

Operation Morning Workouts

Where did the weekend go? That sounds so cliché, but lately the hours between 5:00 Friday and 5:00 Monday have been a total blur.

Friday evening the fiance and I went for a nice stroll before cooking up dinner on the grill (or go to means of preparing food during the summer months). I needed to drop something off at the post office and grab a few books from the library.

I ended up picking up three books that I’ve been meaning to dive into. “The Power of Less”, “The End of Overeating” and “The New Rules of Lifting” (for the boy – they didn’t have “The New Rules of Lifting For Women”).

Saturday was filled with beer drinking and greasy food eating. We headed to a beer festival in Allentown, PA where we sampled micro brews all afternoon and followed it up with a cheese steak and french fry dinner (my first in who knows how long). After a two-hour couch nap, we managed to make it out to a local bar to see our band friends play. It was a busy and hectic day!

Sunday was made to get things done around the house, and get things done we did! While I was inside cleaning, laundering, and working on some wedding details, the fiance was outside tending to this order of business.

I’m so happy the side of the house is starting to shape up!

Operation Morning Workouts

The past week or so has been rough in the workout department. I am finding that I have been skipping my workouts on a regular basis for one reason or another. I am either too tired or too busy, and something has to give!

I’ve decided that in order to fit my workouts in consistently, I need to become a *gasp!* morning workout person – someone I never thought I would be.

So starting today, I commence operation morning workouts. The plan is as follows:

  • Prepare lunch and breakfast the night before.
  • In bed by 9:30PM (this is going to be tough!)
  • Up at 5:00 AM.
  • Gym/running by 5:15 and home by 6:00. (Thankfully I live a block away from my gym.)
  • Showered, packed up and ready to leave my house by 7:00 to get to work.


Today was my first day of working out in the morning and I have to say – I loved it! I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but it’s true. I had more energy than I anticipated and I LOVE getting my workout done first thing in the morning. I felt so great knowing that I could leave work, go home, and do whatever I want!

Hopefully tomorrow will go just as well and this will fast become a new habit. Cross your fingers for me!

Question: Are you an AM or PM exerciser?

These Are My Confessions

  • I have not worked out since Monday. I have no intentions of working out today.
  • I ate ice cream every single night over the long, Memorial Day weekend. I don’t regret a single bite.
  • I have been SO TIRED lately. And not the “I could fall asleep standing up” tired, but the “I can barely move my body” tired. I suppose I should call it lack of energy rather than sleepiness. I’m honestly wondering if I have a slight iron deficiency. Do I really want to get blood work done to find out? We’ll see…
  • I NEED to get back into a groove. I’ve been in a funk lately. With working out. With eating. With tackling my To-Do list. With life. Something’s gotta give…

This weekend has been busy and on the go. I’m ending it by getting things done around the house and hosting the fiance’s parents and sister for dinner tonight. I have big plans in the workout department for this coming week so I will share them with all of you very soon.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Note: I’ve added a races page to the site, so be sure to check that out if you are curious as to what races I’ve done and plan to do.

June Goals

I am the type of person that needs goals to keep on track. Lately, I’ve been slacking on setting any sort of goals and my well-being has been suffering because of it. I am feeling unmotivated and lazy.

But no more! This month I set goals in order to pull myself out of this slump. After today’s weigh in (up 1 pound from last week) I realized that if I want to continue to feel and look great, I need to have focus.

Without further ado…

June 2011 Goals


  • Get 7.5 hours of sleep each night. This means going to be around 10:30 and waking at 6:00 during the week. I try to keep a similar schedule on the weekends, but that of course does not always happen.
  • Drink more water. I am going to attempt to drink three 24 oz water bottles throughout the day, plus a large glass of water before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning.
  • Do not eat past 8:30 PM. I hate putting a time frame on when I can eat, but I’ve found lately that I’ve been doing a lot of my eating late at night, despite not being hungry. By cutting myself off I am attempting to eliminate this unnecessary late night snacking.


  • Run three days a week. My running has been very inconsistent following the Broad Street Run in the beginning of May. I start training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon at the end of June, but until then I want to commit to running at least three days during the week.
  • Strength train twice a week. I have a very basic regime that I threw together, but I would like to read “The New Rules of Lifting For Woman” and perhaps follow that program if I can get my hands on it. Either way, I need to do more strength training!
  • Stretch! I need to stretch more – that’s all there is to it.


  • Budget for the month of June. I am trying to get a better idea of where all my money is going. I have created a spreadsheet for June’s income and expenses to get a better idea of how much money I am spending on certain things. This will hopefully help me to create a more clear budget for the following months and help me ultimately eliminate my debt and start saving.
  • Continue to job hunt. The end of the school year means job openings for teachers. I plan to continue to apply for as many positions as possible in the hopes of landing a full- or part-time teaching job in August.

What are your goals for the month of June?

Why I Blog


Greetings from Ocean City, NJ. I am so thankful to be able to spend Memorial Day weekend here with my fiancé and his family. It is sure to be relaxing weekend filled with good food and good times.

Being at the shore means no Internet access (I’m posting this from my phone) so my updates will be limited. I wanted to leave you with some food for thought before I unplug for a bit.

Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie recently wrote a post what makes a successful blog. In it she states that there is one criterion for a successful blog – do you enjoy blogging? If your answer is yes than you are a successful blogger!

I absolutely love that idea. Blogging should be about what makes you happy. Your blog and posts should reflect your own personal goals and ideas and not cater to what your “audience” (or lack thereof in my case) expects or wants from you.

Katie then goes on to give a few (great!) tips on how to make your blog successful. It is a great post for newcomers to the world of blogging (like myself) and seasoned bloggers alike.

This post got me thinking: Why did I decide to start a blog?

I love writing. While I may not be the most eloquent or have the best grammar, writing makes me happy. Putting thoughts and ideas into words helps me to think and clear my head.

I love meeting people. Especially people with similar interests and goals. In just my short few months of joining the blogging community I’ve already met many amazing men and women who have achieved some pretty awesome things. It is so motivating and inspiring and I hope to be able to meet even more.

I love to learn. I love discovering new ideas and keeping up to speed with the most recent information, especially when it comes to health and fitness. By reading blogs I am able to constantly take in new thoughts and ideas from a group of likeminded people.

So tell me (oh few readers of mine) why do you blog?

Apple Topped Microwave Protein Muffin

It’s no secret that I love desserts. In fact, I indulge in a little something sweet practically every evening. This is my definition of balance.

Lately, I have been loving Smoothie Girl’s Microwave Protein Muffins.

I opted for the plain version, substituting whole wheat flour for coconut flour and 1/2 a mashed banana for pumpkin (what I had on hand).

Topped with 1 tbs almond butter and a microwaved apple with cinnamon.

Perfect way to top off my eats for the day.

*Note: I realize my pictures leave something to be desired. I am a complete amateur when it comes to food photography. This is something that I would love to learn more about and improve on as I grow as a blogger.